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Annual or Perennial meadow mix??

Nearly a week since this website went live I thought it was time to post a little something hopefully to show how easy it is to create a meadow.

It is easier than you think, you can do it properly (creating an annual meadow by stripping back to bare soil, removing the turf), or just let the grass grow to create perennial.

What's the difference between Annual or Perennial??

Annual meadow needs replanting every year while perennial meadow can take care of its self but with a little help.

An annual meadow is great in a raised bed or a border, much cheaper than a formal park bed style and the soil is richer.

For a perennial meadow the soil needs to be fairly poor - which it will be if you are flowering up your lawn.

Keeping a wildflower meadow could be hard work?

I think not, as I said above it needs 'a little help', you'll still need to weed out the dandelions and thistles (if you don't have a bowling lawn) or you can lift the turf.

If you do want to lift the turf to get the wildflower colour not just long grass you need to sow some seed, a mix with Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus Minor) will suppress the grass already there which in turn will help your flowers to naturalise through your meadow, maybe new seeds if you want to change the colour scheme or bump up the flowers the following year. But cutting a path through the meadow is surely far quicker than cutting the whole area, and with no need to get rid of your weekly grass cuttings and no need to feed that area of the lawn.

We have a mixture of both Annual and Perennial seed mixes, and I hope that helped you decide which is best for you.

Rhinanthus Minor -YellowRattle


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