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Creating our Mini Meadow

You might not have acres, but a small to medium-sized garden, or even just a grass verge is enough to recreate a mini meadow.

It took a little persuading my husband, but after explaining the need for less grass cutting (his contribution to our garden!) he thought and then agreed to us planting a mini meadow in the front lawn.

I will admit, it did not look pretty to start with. Lots of bare patches and markers laid out where I planned to sow the new mini meadow. But now the rain is falling and a few weeks have passed since sowing, I'm out most days looking for those baby green shoots. I need to be patient though, wildflowers need a period of cold to help with germination.

We have given over the front lawn to a 6 meters square area for wildflowers. I didn't lift the turf, just cut the grass very tight before raking all the thatch and moss from the top. Raking at this stage takes away any green material, which may stop nutrients going back into the ground. Finally I raked again to ruff up the soil before sowing the seeds.

I have scattered in our Species Rich meadow mix and also added Yellow rattle to help weaken the grass and help flowers to naturalise, without the grass bulling them out. Just need to wait and let the grass grow! I won't cut till next July unless I really need to. Only when I'm sure that the seeds have fully germinated and happily growing, which should around April, will I cut as high as I can, so no to damage the wildflowers. But like I say, best to leave the first cut until July.

Ours will be a perennial meadow, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it will change and evolve over the years. We can add new seeds in the Autumn next year or spring the following year if we feel it's missing a colour or not enough of our favourite flowers.

Meadow gardens can break up space, create a different view. If you can go big, why not create paths, or maybe a discrete seating area in the middle of your meadow, perfect for a picnic or your G&T.

The website shop has set product weights, however if they are too big for your mini meadow, just drop us a line and we can arrange a smaller amount just for you.

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