• Tammy Hill

Orchard Meadow

When I hear Orchard meadows I think of a block of flats or residential home.

But the few surviving farm orchards are very important habitats for wildlife, particularly for birds, bees, butterflies and even bats.

Poor management over the years is contributing to the decline of our wildflowers this can be restored. Sowing into the grasslands.

September to October is the best time and if the weather allows up at Christmas.

This type of meadow will flower from March to June and you can cut this from July up to Autumn when you may need to repeat sow.

Over time you will see your meadow change to a carpet of yellow then the weeds will give way

and other spices will eventually arrive. Maybe the very patient will see our native Orchids.

We have two varieties of seed mixes Heavey shade and new this week, a Light Hedgerow shade this new mix is perfect for that very tricky area where light levels can change drastically.

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