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50g tin of an explosion of colour.

Perfect for beds, borders and large containers, sow April to June will flower from June to November if climate conditions are right. 

Create your own flower oasis or help nature and biodiversity by creating habitat for butterflies and bees The possibilities are endless.

  • Contains

    The tin contains 50g of a mixture of,




    California poppy



  • Sowing Instructions

    Sowing Instructions.

    Sow the seeds in late spring or early summer (May to June) but be careful, as if it's too cold and the seeds will not germinate.
    Prepare the soil by clearing the weeds and braking it down into a fine crumb on the surface, you can also enrich the soil with compost.
    To help with distribution, add sand to your seeds, you can use it further to mark out rows alternatively you can use canes laid flat.
    Sow thinly, as the seedlings grow they are not competing with neighbouring plants. Cover the rows with sand and keep moist during dry weather. Gently firm the surface.
    If you need to transfer some of the young plants, make sure you dig up a good root structure, firm the soil back around the root and water in to help the soil to settle back.