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The delicate blue flower was once considered a weed and nearly wiped out with intensive agriculture processes. 
Making a comeback with growing popularity in annual flower beds and meadows, working well with Poppies, Corn Chamomile and Corn Cockle.

  • Sowing Instructions

    Sow seeds from March to May outdoors for flowers from June to September, or sow August to September to flower earlier the following year.

    Sow seeds thinly where you want them to flower and cover lightly with soil. 

    Thin out seeds when they are large enough to 15cm (6 in) apart.


    Alternatively, if you have sowed your seeds in pots

    Dig over the planting area with plenty of organic matter such as compost, dig a hole big enough to comfortably fit the root ball and fill in with more planting material.



    Flower beds and borders, cottage garden, containers and cut flower gardens. 


    To keep your Cornflowers looking good up to autumn deadhead frequently discard any competing weeds and keep moist during dry spells.