Cornfield Annual Mix

Cornfield Annual Mix

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A colourful show of a traditional cornfield, sow Autumn or spring suitable for a range of soils, harrow and re-sown in following years.

After flowering can be managed with a regular mowing regime or can be left as a "long grass" policy. 

  • Contents

    20% flowers  80%grass


    Corn Cockle


    Corn Marigold

    Corn Poppy

    Night Flowering Catchfly

    Corn Chamomile


    Red Fescue

    Crested Dogstail

    Hard Fescue

    Sheep's fescue

    Browntop Bent

    Smooth StalkMeadow Grass


  • Sowing Instructions

    Your seeds need to make contact with the soil for germination so if you are sowing into an established grass area cut the grass back as low as you can and rake the ground to break up the soil and bring bare patches to the surface. Also, it needs to be free from weeds.

    If it's grass-free sow directly and then make sure your seeds have made contact with the soil by firming down (walking or rolling).

    We recommend 5g per square meter and mixing coarse sand  with your seeds to help distribution, scatter over the area and sprinkle a little soil over the top.

    Water the seeds in and keep watering if there is a dry spell.