Cowslip - Primula Veris

Cowslip - Primula Veris

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Early spring flowers for traditional meadows and hedgerows. With their nodding yellow heads, Cowslips are a favourite spring flower for many. They were common in traditional meadows, but sadly the beautiful swaths of yellow have become a rarer slighting. Cowlips are hugely beneficial to wildlife as an early source of nectar for bees, beetles and butterflies. Generally they flower from April, but can be earlier with a mild winter. 

  • Contents

    This packet contains 1g of seed.  

    It is recommended 1g per m2 and if you require a large amount please get in touch.

  • Sowing Instructions

    Perfect time to sow Cowslip is in the autumn in a seed tray of compost. Cover with glass until germination takes place. It can be slow to encourage the seed to break dormancy it may need placing in the fridge several times before sowing. If planted in trays then transplant the small plants out in the final position. Established plants can be divided up and replanted in the autumn.



    Semi shade, hedgerow, banks, open woodland and meadows.

    Moist free-draining soil, will not tolerate waterlogged ground.

1 Gram