Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus Minor

Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus Minor

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A perfect addition to a wildflower meadow, it gains its nutrients from the roots of its neighbouring plants (hemiparasitic) helps to suppress the grass to allow space for flowers to flourish.
After flowering, the capsules will dry, seeds inside will rattle when ripe.
The flowering period is between June to September and should always be sown in Autumn (requires a period of cold to help with germination) onto short grass, 1g per square meter. 

  • Sowing Instructions

    It is recommended 1g per m2 and if you require a large amount please get in touch.

    Cut the grass as short as you can remove the thatch and moss to expose bare soil,  this needs to be done any time from the end of July but no later than November.

    The seeds need to make contact with the damp soil and have a period of cold to activate germination. Sown after December generally germination is poor. Once your Yellow Rattle has established, the numbers should increase year on year.

    Maintaining your Meadow
    Cut the meadow hard at the end of July to early September and remove all the hay and clipping, but after your plants have shed their seeds, and cut as late as possible to allow late bloomers to seed and provide food for pollinating insects.